Armstrong Air

Since 1928, Armstrong Air has been a smart choice for homeowners, and a constant recommendation from dealers.

That’s because for nearly a century we have been at the forefront of emerging features and quality improvements in the HVAC industry. Every piece of equipment in our lineup is designed to deliver substantial durability, comfort, and energy efficiency, with leading-edge technology and brilliant features throughout.

We’re committed to continuous improvement, quickly testing and tweaking designs in order to get those ideas from concept through government approval and into our products in less time. You will see this commitment and craftsmanship in every product we sell.

In fact, the systems we manufacture are the same systems professionals would put in their own homes. So rest assured, when you choose Armstrong Air, you aren’t just making a smart choice, you’re making The Professional’s Choice.

Armstrong HVAC unitArmstrong Air is The Professional’s Choice because we know the value of craftsmanship, quality and pride. Every component we make offers more for discerning homeowners, and more for the professional dealers that keep them comfortable.


Comfort Sync Thermostat

Comfort Sync does more than control the temperature. It manages your entire heating and cooling system for precise performance and efficiency.

Gas Furnaces

Armstrong Air gas furnaces deliver greater warmth and greater efficiency through technological advancements like EHX™ Technology.

Air Conditioners

Smart new thinking like MHT™ Technology means Armstrong Air air conditioners are engineered for consistent, reliable, efficient cooling.

Heat Pumps

With intelligent innovations like QuietShift™ Technology, Armstrong Air heat pumps bring technology and comfort to every season.

Packaged Units

Clever design and durable construction make Armstrong Air packaged units an excellent all-in-one solution, and a marvel of technology.

Air Handlers

In warmer climates, the thoughtful and efficient design of Armstrong Air air handlers mean efficiency and reliability season after season.


When you add a matching evaporator coil to your system, you get complete home comfort, peak performance and maximized efficiency.